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Ideas for improving landing pages

The following is a list of proven methods that can improve the ctr and cvr of a landing page.

  • Big Bright Buttons – Have you split tested different buttons, button text etc?
  • Copy and Text – Persuasive text is key and an art form in itself.
  • Images – Every image on that landing page should be there for a reason, a padlock suggests safety and confidence, a arrow draws attention etc.
  • GEOIP – Can be used to make a landing page more local i.e. Payday loans in Manchester
  • Countdown timers – Used to suggest scarcity, offer running out
  • User testimonials – Build confidence
  • Email capture forms – Build a list and a long term revenue stream
  • Footer lines – a single line in the footer of a page can make a difference, don’t just write Copyright 2013
  • Exit Pops, click pops, new tabs – Have you tested all the browser window options
  • Javascript tricks – flashing borders, smooth sliding frames make a page look professional and can add interactivity
  • Professional vs Unprofessional – Test it, people don’t like being sold to.
  • Does the landing page match the final offer page? Continuity from “banner > landing page > offer” is important.
  • Bullet points – make your point with lists like this one.
  • Video – Going to see more and more video landing pages in the future, it’s such an effective method when used right.
  • Mobile versions – Does your lander work on mobile yet?
  • Bold, underline, italic, background – A fair few of your readers will skip through the copy, highlight important phrases

Does your landing page have all the above going on? You can still probably improve it. Go to any high volume website click on the ads till you find an affiliate lander doing high volume in any vertical. The chances are it will have been multivariate tested and you can learn something from studying it.

example landing pageNote the beautiful bullets, personal copy and use of exact figures etc.

This LP also had a video set on auto play, good call to actions and is generally raking in the profits I’m sure. I would assume the creator had a background with clickbank products as you can see the long sell style so common with digital products.

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