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  • 3 Best Types Of Twitter Ads

    3 Best Types Of Twitter Ads

    In this article I share three types of twitter ads that have been most effective and provide the best return on ad spend. Twitter Ads [Video] This video demonstrates the setting up of a follower lookalike Twitter ads campaign along with how to create the ads and optimise performance. James On YouTube Follower Lookalike Follower […]

  • The truth about online advertising agencies and consultants

    I see a lot of companies promoting online marketing services to small and medium sized businesses. The engineering company I am involved with gets emails every day from companies offering adwords optimisation or SEO (search engine optimisation) services. How many of these companies actually know what they are doing though? I would hazard a guess […]

  • Cashvertising Summary | My Notes On Ca$hvertising

    Cashvertising Summary | My Notes On Ca$hvertising

    Cashvertising is a classic and would be my first choice for anybody new to digital marketing that wanted to learn about copywriting. I’ve published my personal notes here so people can get a summary of the book or use it as a reference if they have read it previously. It was first published a hundred […]

  • Facebook taking on Google Adwords

    UPDATE: 29th September 2014 – More details coming in about this. Facebook is expected to make an announcement tonight about the new ad platform. Early reports suggest it is a reworked version of Atlas which they acquired from Microsoft. The key principle is laser targeting across multiple devices. So you can target the same user […]

  • HC Traffic – Campaign Setup Guide

    Most affiliates will know that pop under traffic provides a great way to scale campaigns to really high levels. A site which has 300×250 banners will usually charge $0.50~ cpm, the equivalent pop under ads will cost $5+. The reason sites can earn so much more with pop unders is because the user interacts much […]

  • Ideas for Banner Ad Split Tests

    Here are a few ideas for split testing your banner ads. You could quite easily use these to take a single ad and knock up a 100 variations. Test them optimise out the losers and see what works best. There is no single best banner advertisement, everything needs testing and optimising continuously.

  • Direct Response Marketing Pushing CPC Prices Up – The Future for Google Adwords

    I was asked to setup a little campaign for an offline electrical company on “The Google”. The business they operate in is electrical testing or PAT testing as it is known here in the UK. It’s the kind of industry where I wouldn’t expect to find much competition when it comes to online marketing. That […]

  • In-Text Advertising | Ultimate Guide

    In-Text Advertising | Ultimate Guide

    Updated April 2020 In-text advertising is a form of digital advertising that replaces words on a website with links paid for by advertisers. An advertiser bids for keywords and provides a destination URL. These keywords are replaced with links using a Javascript snippet on the publishers website. In 2020 the leading in-text advertising networks are: […]