James Bachini


  • DeDollarisation In The Changing World Order

    DeDollarisation In The Changing World Order

    What if the world’s most dominant currency, the US dollar, is losing its grip on global power? De-dollarisation is a seismic economic shift that could reshape the global financial landscape as we know it. Imagine a future where the dollar’s influence wanes and emerging currencies, backed by hard assets rise to prominence. This change will…

  • Interest Rates, FOMC & Crypto

    Interest Rates, FOMC & Crypto

    Ever wondered why crypto traders are obsessed with FOMC meetings and what the Federal Reserve are planning next? Interest rates set by the Fed impact the price of Bitcoin and other digital assets alongside stocks, shares and bonds. What if you could anticipate long-term price movements just by understanding a few macro economic principles? Let…

  • Nixon Shock | The Beginning Of The End

    Nixon Shock | The Beginning Of The End

    In a bold and controversial move in 1971, U.S. President Richard Nixon instigated what is now known as the “Nixon Shock“ Faced with soaring inflation, Nixon implemented drastic measures including wage and price controls, import surcharges, and ending the U.S. dollar’s gold convertibility. This move effectively dismantled the Bretton Woods system, an international monetary framework…

  • Deflationary Effect Of Wealth Concentration

    Deflationary Effect Of Wealth Concentration

    With inflation rising there is going to be more attention on government statistics like the consumer price index CPI. However these metrics don’t fully represent inflation in respect to the devaluation of fiat currency. This article explores the effects of wealth concentration and how it might affect all of our futures. Introduction In recent years…