James Bachini

What is required to dominate an online niche?

Here is a checklist of factors that need to be taken into account when building an online business.

Money Site (main website)
High Converting Optimised Landing Page
Effective Sales Funnel
Lead Magnet / Lead capture methods
Designed for user

The money site is where prospects will be converted to leads. An effective sales funnel is usually a lead magnet i.e. “enter your email to download this free ebook”, followed by a tripwire product “download this webinar for $1.99” and then moving the user through the sales funnel to the main product “get personal training for $99/month”. The whole process needs careful planning and constant development and split testing. Each step should be tracked and metrics should be analysed to see where improvements can be made.

Pre-lead Marketing
Display Traffic – Banner advertising
Social Traffic
SEO Traffic – Funnel sites

As an affiliate this should be the easiest part as we are used to running traffic. Getting eyeballs to your money site / offer is essential to drive volume through your sales funnel.

Post-lead Marketing
Email Autoresponder
Customer List Management
Lead List Management
Remarketing – display & social

Once the user has given up their contact details the sales funnel will kick in to convert that lead to a paying customer. The funnel itself should add value.

Targetable audience
Adds value, high quality
Customer Support
Product Development

You need something to sell, membership courses, clickbank products, amazon ebooks, tangible products. Design and build a core product or group of products around your target audiences needs.

Team & Tech
Server management
Code management
Systems – Tools
Public Relations – news/guestblogging/offline
Financial – Accountants
Management – direction / vision
Sales & Marketing

Whether you are a one man band or a multinational corporation there are a lot of roles that need filling. The above is just the start, there’s still noone to make the tea!

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